P.S.C. = Performance Service Contract

The Benefits To You Are ...

Fry's PSC benefits YOU in many ways! -Instant Exchange- with one-time replacement, one-year reissue period if equipment is stolen, loaner program, professional computer repair service, transferability, replacement guarantee, long-term peace of mind, 30-day satisfaction guarantee, remote control protection, normal wear and tear and power surge protection - PLUS Fry's will make sure your covered equipment will work according to manufacturer specifications, OR WE'LL REPAIR IT.

  1. Instant Exchange© For Motherboards, Corded & Cordless Telephones, Wireless Phones, Calculators, Micro-Cassette Recorders, Personal Stereos, PDA's, Organizers, Answering Machines, Hand-Held Vacuums, Small Counter-Top Appliances, Laser Pointers, Printers with Retail Cost Up To $150, Video Game Hardware & Hard Drives - If you purchase any of these listed items and it should fail during your PSC as a result of a covered failure, Fry's will provide you with a replacement one time. However, if a hard drive fails and you haven't purchased a Fry's PSC, warranty service on the hard drive cannot be performed by Fry's, rather the hard drive must be sent to the manufacturer for warranty service. Once a replacement item has been provided, your PSC will be considered fulfilled and terminated.

  2. 1-Year Reissue Period if Equipment Is Stolen - If your product is stolen within the first year of ownership and the replacement is purchased at Fry's, upon request, your PSC may be transferred to the replacement product for the remaining balance of the term of the original contract at no additional charge to you.

  3. Loaner Program - Fry's understands the inconvenience of down time due to manufacturer repair delays. In keeping with our total commitment to service and customer satisfaction, upon request with an accepted credit card (Fry's Card, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover), we offer loaner equipment to our customers with a PSC. Plus, if service requires more than 24 hours, on some items, upon request with an accepted, valid credit card, we will provide you with a loaner unit. Some exclusions apply - See store management for details.

  4. Professional Computer Service - Prompt, professional service by factory-trained technicians is available at any of the Fry's locations.

  5. Transferability - If you sell or give your covered equipment to another party, just notify us and for a $25 fee, your PSC will be transferred to the new owner with the same expiration date.

  6. Replacement Guarantee - If the product covered by your PSC needs to be repaired more than three times for the exact same failure, on the fourth time Fry's will replace your product with a unit with substantially the same specifications at no charge. To qualify, simply provide your Fry's Service Request Order for each repair and original purchase invoice to any Fry's Electronics store. Note: Does not apply to software repairs - see store management for details.

  7. Long-Term Peace of Mind - Your PSC is insured by National Product Care Company (in Arizona, ServiceSaver, Inc.), which protects your investment and provides that your- PSC will be honored until it expires. See store management for details.

  8. 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee - If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your PSC, it may be refunded in full within 30 days from the date of purchase, provided no claims have been made within those 30 days.

  9. Remote Control Protection - If your remote should fail for any reason other than batteries or abuse during the term of your PSC, it will be repaired or a replacement will be ordered free of charge. A universal remote with limited functions may be supplied if an exact replacement is not available.

  10. Covers Wear & Tear - Your PSC covers normal wear and tear on your product - excluding physical damage.

  11. Power Surge Protection - Your PSC covers damage caused by a power surge, up to the first $1,000 in damages.

NOTE: For questions regarding the terms and conditions of Fry's PSC, please feel free to contact Fry's Risk Management Dept. at 408-487-4747.