• Frys.com #6820836
  • Manufacturer: ACCELL
  • UPC #826388105720
  • Model #D080B-004K
    • 4 Always-On Outlets
    • 5 Switched Outlets
    • 1 Master Outlet
    • Ethernet (RJ45) and Phone (RJ11) Connections



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    Detailed Description
    (Manufacturer # D080B-004K )


    GreenGenius® Home Theater Smart Surge Protector and Power Conditioner

    Provides Complete Safety for Your Home Theater

    The electronics in your home theater can be damaged from the surges and spikes that are common with AC power. For areas plagued by lightning or power outages, extremely high voltages caused by these events can travel through the power, coaxial, ethernet and telephone lines seriously damaging your home theater system. The Accell GreenGenius™ surge protector provides a high surge absorption capacity of 3600 Joules for excellent power protection. It features dual gold-plated coaxial f-pin connections and a RJ45 ethernet port which are needed for protection from rouge voltage traveling through your coaxial or ethernet cables.

    Eliminates Stand-by Power Loss – Save Energy and Money

    Most electronic devices draw power when idle, in standby mode or even when turned off. A Department of Energy study showed that 15% of the energy an average household uses is for standby current. When the GreenGenius Smart Surge Protector is used, it automatically turns off the power to idle devices, eliminating electricity usage and saving you money.

    How it Works

    Plug the control device, such as a TV, into the Control Outlet. Plug your DVD player, receiver and any device used with the TV into the Switched Outlets. Always-on devices, such as a DVR into an Always-On Outlet. A sensor constantly monitors the flow of electricity to the Control Outlet. When the TV is turned off, the surge protector automatically shuts off the power to the Switched Outlets. When the TV is turned on, the surge protector automatically turns on the power to the Switched Outlets.

    *Savings will vary depending on connect equipment, its usage and utility rates. Example illustrates savings using a receiver, DVD player and powered subwoofer. Most households will receive a greater energy savings.

    Source: U.S. Department of Energy.

    Built-in Noise Reduction Filter For Clear Sound and Picture

    Minor fluctuations in power to your home theater system can influence the performance of your equipment. The built-in noise reduction filter reduces line static caused by "dirty" power. Line noise and electrical static caused by Radio Frequency (RF) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) can show up as snow in your picture or as crackling in your audio. GreenGenius AC power line noise rejection technology isolates your audio and video equipment from power generated noise for a superior picture and sound.

    Feature Packed for Outstanding Protection

    The Accell GreenGenius Audio and Video 10 outlet surge protector features a high surge absorption capacity of 3600 Joules for continuous home theater power protection. Packed with surge and noise reduction features, it's ideal for use with your home theater.

    • Recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy
    • Power Protection Circuit Automatically Disconnects Power
    • Provides Over 3600 Joules of Absorption Capacity
    • Ten Fully Noise Filtered & Surge Protected AC Power Outlets
    • Surge Protected Phone Line (RJ11), Ethernet (RJ45) and Coaxial (F-Pin) Connections


    Product Specifications
    Electrical Rating125V, 15A, 1875W
    Maximum Energy Dissipation3600 Joules
    Maximum Spike Current180,000A
    UL-1449 Clamp RatingL-N=330V, L-G=400V, N-G=400V
    Response TimeInstantaneous (Less than 1 nanosecond)
    Circuit Breaker15A (Resettable)
    Protection Working IndicatorRed LED
    Ground IndicatorGreen LED
    Phone Line (RJ11) Splitter and Surge Protection1 in to 2 out
    Ethernet (RJ45) Surge Protection1 in to 1 out
    2 Pairs Coaxial (F-Pin) Surge Protection (gold-plated)
    Energy Saving Features
    Passive Current Sensor
    Adjustable Switching Level
    1/4 Watt Standby Current
    EMI/RFI Noise Reduction
    Up to 60dB from 100KHz to 40 MHz
    Other Features
    6 ft. Heavy Duty Power Cord
    Angled Space Saving Plug
    3-Way Wall Mountable
    Sliding Outlet Covers for Safety


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