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  • A Large display Engineering for the best signal visibility starts with the largest display. Our 8.5-inch WVGA display offers twice the viewing area with five times the resolution (WVGA 800x480 versus QVGA 320x240).
    Fastest update rate: With Keysight-designed MegaZoom IV custom ASIC technology, the InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series family delivers up to 50,000 waveforms per second. With this speed you can see signal detail and infrequent anomalies more of the time.

    See more of your signal more of the time
  • Largest screen in its class: 8.5-inch WVGA display
  • Fastest update rate of 50,000 waveforms per second
  • Deepest memory: 100 kpts standard, up to 1 Mpts optional

    Do more with the power of 5 instruments in 1:
  • Best-in-class oscilloscope
  • Integrated logic analyzer (MSO, Optional and upgradable with DSOX2MSO)
  • Only hardware-based serial-bus protocol analyzer, Option
  • Only built-in 20-MHz function generator: WaveGen, Option
  • Only built-in 3-digit voltmeter, Option

    Get more investment protection
  • Upgradability: add bandwidth, digital channels, memory, serial analysis, DVM or WaveGen after purchase
  • Segmented memory
  • Mask Testing



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    Detail Description
    Detailed Description
    (Manufacturer # wsl )

    70 MHz (-3dB)
  • Bandwidth upgrade: YES
  • Channels: 2
  • Maximum sample rate: 2 GSa/s half-channel interleaved, 1 GSa/s per channel
  • Maximum memory depth (record length) 100 kpts half-channel, 50 kpts per channel,
  • Display 8.5-inch WVGA with 64 levels of intensity grading
  • Waveform update rate: 50,000 waveforms/s
  • External trigger input Included on all models
  • Vertical resolution: 8 bits
  • Horizontal resolution: 2.5 ps
  • Vertical sensitivity (range): 1 mV/div to 5 V/div
  • DC vertical accuracy: ±[DC vertical gain accuracy + DC vertical offset accuracy + 0.25% full scale]
  • DC vertical gain accuracy: ± 3% full scale (? 10 mV/div); ± 4% full scale (< 10 mV/div)
  • DC vertical offset accuracy: ± 0.1div ± 2mV ± 1% of offset setting
  • Vertical zoom: Ability to scale and position a live or stopped waveform vertically. When the acquisition is stopped, turning the vertical scale and offset (position) knobs will scale and move the signal. Pan and zoom redraws the waveform in < 100 ms.
  • Maximum input voltage: CAT I 300 Vrms, 400 Vpk; transient overvoltage 1.6 kVpkCAT II 300 Vrms, 400 Vpk with N2862A or N2863A 10:1 probe: 300 Vrms
  • Position range/offset: 1 mV to 200 mV/div: ±2 V >200 mV to 5 V/div: ± 50V
  • Bandwidth limit: 20 MHz selectable
  • Input coupling: AC, DC
  • Input impedance: 1 MΩ ± 2% Time base range 5 ns/div to 50 s/div
  • Time base accuracy: 25 ppm ± 5 ppm per year (aging)
  • Ä Time accuracy (using cursors) : ±(time base accuracy reading) ±(0.0016 screen width) ± 100 ps
  • Dynamic range (±8 divisions from center screen)
  • Horizontal zoom (modes): Horizontally expand or compress a live or stopped waveform

    Oscilloscopes redefined: Breakthrough technology delivers more scope for the same budget

    Performance characteristics
    Acquisition modes
  • Peak detect: Capture glitch as narrow as 500 ps at all timebase settings.
  • Averaging: Select from 2,4,8,16, 64... to 65,536
  • High resolution mode: 12 bits of resolution when ≥ 20 µs/div
  • Segmented: Re-arm time= 19 µs (minimum time between trigger events)
    Trigger system
    Trigger modes
  • Edge (rising/falling alternate, either)-Conventional level-driven trigger.
  • Pulse width (or glitch)-Trigger on a pulse width less than, greater than, or within a time range, with a selectable time limit ranging from 17 ns to 10 s.
  • Pattern-trigger on a logical AND combination of the channels. Each channel can have a value of zero, one, don't care (X), or a rising or falling edge (one channel only).
  • Video-Trigger on all lines or individual lines, odd/even or all fields from composite video or broadcast standards (NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, SECAM).
  • Trigger coupling: Coupling selections: AC, DC, noise reject, LF reject and HF reject.
  • Trigger source: Each analog channel, each digital channel (MSO models or DSOX2MSO upgrade, Ext, WaveGen, line)
  • Trigger sensitivity (internal) < 10 mV/div: greater of 1 div or 5 mV; ≥ 10 mV/div: 0.6 div
  • Trigger sensitivity (external) 200 mV (DC to 100 MHz); 350 mV (100 MHz - 200 MHz) Cursors
  • Types: Amplitude, time , frequency (FFT), manual, tracking, binary, HEX
  • Measurements ΔT, 1/ΔT, ΔV/X, 1/ΔX, ΔY, Phase and Ratio Cursors
  • Single cursor accuracy: ?[DC vertical gain accuracy + DC vertical offset accuracy + 0.25% full scale]
  • Dual cursor accuracy: ?[DC vertical gain accuracy + 0.5% full scale]* Automatic waveforms measurements Voltage Snapshot all, maximum, minimum, peak-to-peak, top, base, amplitude, overshoot, preshoot, average- N cycles, average-full screen, DC RMS- N cycles, DC RMS- full screen, AC RMS- N cycles Time Period, frequency, rise time, fall time, + width, ? width, duty cycle, delay A?B (rising edge), delay A?B (falling edge), phase A?B (rising edge,) and phase A?B (falling edge) Oscilloscopes redefined: Breakthrough technology delivers more scope for the same budget Performance characterisitics
    Waveform math
  • Operators: Add, subtract, multiply, FFT
  • FFT: Windows: Hanning, flat top, rectangular; Blackman-Harris - up to 64 kpts resolution
  • Sources: Math functions available between any two channels Display characteristics
  • Display: 8.5-inch WVGA
  • Resolution: 800 (H) x 480 (V) pixel format (screen area)
  • Interpolation: Sin(x)/x interpolation (using FIR filter; used when there is less than one sample per column of the display)
  • Persistence: Off, infinite, variable persistence (100ms-60s) Intensity gradation: 64 intensity levels Modes: Normal XY - XY mode changes the display from voltage versus time scale to a volts versus volts scale Roll - Displays the waveform moving across the screen from right to left much like a strip chart record

  • Specifications
    Technical Specifications   [return to top]
     Specification Value
    Techonology: Digital
    Bandwidth: 0-100
    Sampling Rate: 0-100
    Channels: 2


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