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KN95 (10-Pack) Face Masks

Frys#: 10001431 Model: KN95
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GB2626-2006 KN95 Folding Face Mask (N9) 105mmx168mm

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # KN95 )
Standardized Production
  • Thicken Ear Lanyard
  • Breathable Non-Woven
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Medical Quality
  • Four-Layer Filteration
  • Fit the Face
Product Performance:
Suitable for respiratory protection, filtering dust, haze, bacteria, droplets and other harmful particles in the air. It can only be used once and destroyed after use.
Additional Notes
  • The product is disposable, destroyed after use, stored under specified conditions, with a validity of 1 year.
  • The relevant responsibilities and problems beyond the scope of application shall be borne by the purchasing unit.
  • Nonwovens face mask is not suitable for hospital, high pollution and other environment. Please do not use it as donation to medical institutions.
  • The product can effectively block air particles, droplets, pollen, bacteria, etc., and can be used for routine protection.
Open the face mask, put on the bridge of the nose, press the bridge of the nose after wearing, the protective effect is better.
Origin: China
Weight of each bag (2pcs): ≈ 8.2g
Weight of each box (10pcs): ≈ 61g
Brand KN95
Condition New
UPC 850012011743
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