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AstroReality Reality NASA Mug

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NASA Space Mug

Hard work and innovation, requires time and dedication. NASA Space Mug will be with you and inspire you with the future you are creating.

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Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # MG0340 )
Featured with AstroReality Explorer app
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NASA’s 60th Anniversary
The beautifully embossed classic NASA “worm” insignia on the packaging is designed for commemorating the 60th Anniversary of NASA. The Space Mug gives you views from 500 million square kilometers up in the atmosphere, looking down on our blue planet from the iconic International Space Station.
Bring Distant Space Exploration to Your Everyday Life
Looking at Planet Earth from an Astronaut’s View
Get in touch with space in daily life. Scan NASA Space Mug through our AstroReality Explorer app, and have a simulated spaceship experience. All data comes from NASA and USGS high-definition satellite photos, covering the entire surface of the Earth.
Share the Same Perspective with NASA
The Amazon Rainforest, the Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland, the Himalayas, the Grand Canyon in the United States… All the stunning natural scenery, more than 200 countries and regions, and the fascinating beauty of more than 10,000 cities will slowly pass in front of your eyes.
Design Iterations
Inspired by the different aircraft in reality and science fiction in imagination, we used the facets and hexagons to outline the abstracted shapes of the space mug.
Premium Ceramic
We choose Premium Ceramic as the material. Pure white represents the infinite possibilities of space exploration.
NASA Package
We upgrade the package with the iconic symbol of human exploration, plus the extra protection to your NASA gifts.
Comfortably Hand Fitting
The pristine design of NASA AR Space Mug is inspired by the legendary shape of satellites, fitting comfortably in your hand.
Available at NASA Ames
Further your learning after your visit to NASA Ames Research Center. Head to the NASA gift shop after your tour and experience AstroReality for yourself.
NASA Series
Including NASA Space Mug, All AstroReality NASA Series are available in NASA Gift Shop.
How to use
  • Please download and install the AstroReality Explorer app via App Store or Google Play.
  • Tap “Add a new product” on the top of the page.
  • Scan the QR code found on the first page of the user manual.
    **Each of the phone case comes with an unique QR code. Ensure it is stored securely.
  • Tap the product section you just added.
  • Scan the graphic inside of the AstroReality Space Mug to experience AR.
Material: Ceramic
Capacity: 330 ml
Weight: 355g / 0.78lb
Diameter: 70mm / 2.76in
AR Experience: Simulated spaceship Circling around the Earth,
you will seefull Earth landscape scenery
from an astronaut’s view.
Width: 70mm / 2.76in
Height: 120mm / 4.72in
Brand AstroReality
Condition New
UPC 614552716533
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