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NTE Surge Clamping, Transient Overvoltage Suppressor Unidirectional,18V 1500W

Frys#: 1001633 Model: NTE4926
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The NTE4900 series of silicon Transient Suppressors designed to protect voltage sensitive components from high energy voltage transients. Transient over voltage suppressor devices have become very important as a consequence of their high surge capability, extremely fast response time, and low incremental surge resistance (Rs).

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # NTE4926 )
The NTE4900 series has a peak pulse power rating of 1500 watts for one millisecond can protect integrated circuits, hybrids, CMOS, MOS, and other voltage sensitive components in a broad range of applications such as telecommunications, power supplies, computers, automotive, industrial, and medical equipment.
Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Peak Pulse Power Dissipation (TA = +25°C): 1500W
tclamping (0 volts to BV Min) : < 1 x 10–12 sec
Operating and Storage Temperature: –65°C to +175°C
Forward Surge Rating 200 Amps, : 1/20 Second at +25°C
Steady State Power Dissipation : 5.0 W @ T1 = +25 °C
Electrical Characteristics:
Clamping Factor: 1.33 @ full rated power 1.20 @ 50% rated power
The clamping factor is defined as: The ratio of the actual VC (Clamping voltage) to the actual BV (Breakdown Voltage) as measured on a specific device.
Maximum Reverse Stand Off Voltage (Volts) 15.30
Breakdown Voltage @ IT (Volts)
Min / Typ / Max / IT mA
17.10 / 18.00 / 18.90 / 1.0
Maximum Ratings
Clamping Voltage @ Ipp (1msec) (Volts) /
Reverse Leakage Current @ VR (µA) / Peak Pulse Current (Amps)
25.2 / 5.0 / 59.50
Temperature Coefficient of BV%/°C 0.088
Brand NTE
Condition New
UPC 768249174318
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