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NTE TRIAC, 15 Amp, 600 Volts

Frys#: 1809011 Model: NTE56008
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These series of TRIACs are designed primarily for full-wave AC control ap- plications, such as solid-state relays, motor controls, heating controls and power supplies; or wherev- er full-wave silicon gate controlled solid-state devices are needed. TRIAC type thyristors switch from a blocking to a conducting state for either polarity of applied anode voltage with positive or negative gate triggering.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # NTE56008 )
  • Blocking Voltage from 200 to 800 Volts
  • All Diffused and Glass Passivated Junctions
  • Small, Rugged, TO220 package for Low Thermal Resistance, High Heat Dissipation and Durability
  • Gate Triggering specified in Four Quadrants
Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Peak Repetitive Off–State Voltage, (TJ= –40°to 125°C), VDRM: 600V
Peak Gate Voltage, VGM: 10V
On–State Current RMS (Full Cycle Sine Wave 50 to 60Hz,TC = +90°C), IT(RMS): 15A
Circuit Fusing (t = 8.3ms) I2t: 93A2s
Peak Surge Current (One Full Cycle, 60Hz, TC = +80°C), ITSM
Preceded and followed by rated current:
Peak Gate Power (TC = +80°C, Pulse Width = 2μs), PGM: 20W
Average Gate Power (TC = +80°C, t = 8.3ms), PG(AV): 500mW
Peak Gate Current, IGM: 2A
Operating Junction Temperature Range, TJ: –40° to +125°C
Storage Temperature Range, Tstg: –40° to +150°C
Thermal Resistance, Junction–to–Case, RthJC: 2°C/W
Brand NTE
Condition New
UPC 768249241010
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