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 Multi-Speaker Selector (6 Pai

Monster Cable SS-6
Multi-Speaker Selector (6 Pair of Speakers)

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MSS-6 allows control of up to six speaker pairs throughout the home or office.

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  • High current amplifier protection circuitry allows you to use up to 6 speaker pairs without damaging your amplifier.
  • High current resistors with aluminum finned heat sinks for maximum power delivery, up to 150 watts per channel.
  • Internally wired with Monster Cable® for the best possible sound.
  • High quality extruded aluminum chassis for heat dissipation.
  • Accepts any gauge speaker cable terminated with Monster® Angled Gold Pin® connectors.
  • 24k gold contact spring-loaded connectors for maximum signal transfer and easy cable hookup.
  • Easy-to-use push button speaker selectors lets you select multiple pairs of speakers simultaneously.

An Ordinary Speaker Selector Can Degrade Amplifier Performance Many people demand the flexibility and convenience of using multiple speakers throughout the house - even outdoors. If you hook up more than one speaker pair to your amplifier, however, the impedance (ohms) may drop to a dangerously low level, stressing your amp beyond its limits, causing circuitry damage or shutdown. You may avoid this potential nightmare by connecting your speakers to a multiple speaker selector. However, ordinary speaker selectors can also degrade system performance. Although they use a resistor "in series" to protect your amp from low impedance loads, these ordinary inductive resistors can cause noticeable high frequency loss, so you hear less detailed music reproduction. The power rating is often low, potentially damaging your speaker selector if you're using a high current amplifier.

Monster® Delivers an Unbeatable Combination of Performance, Convenience and Amplifier Protection With the Monster Cable Speaker Selector, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of listening up to four speaker pairs at a time, in any location. With Monster's advanced Amplifier Protection circuitry, you'll have the comfort of knowing your amplifier is delivering maximum power and performance. When engaged, this impedance matched circuitry maximizes high power amplifier performance and allows you to safely use up to four speaker pairs simultaneously without overloading or damaging your amplifier. The Monster Cable Speaker Selector features high quality materials for maximum reliability and durability, Non - inductive 50 watt resistors with aluminum finned heat sinks are specially designed to deliver peak power from even mega-powerful amplifiers - up to 150 watts per channel . These precision - crafted resistors improve frequency response, so you'll enjoy fuller, more three dimensional music reproduction. And, all the connections to the circuit board are completely wired with high performance Monster Cable for the best possible sound.

Get All The Performance You Paid For With Monster Cable Speaker Selector, you'll be able to enjoy music anywhere in the house, while protecting your amplifier from damage and maximizing the performance of your entire music system.

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