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Schmartboard|ez QFN, 8 And 48 Pins 0.5mm Pitch, 2" X 2" Grid

Frys#: 4717359 Model: 202-0018-01
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Once upon a time it was easy to prototype a circuit by hand soldering components on to a prototyping board, using wire wrap techniques or a breadboard. Today, our advanced electronics require the use of small and tight pitched components. It's made it almost impossible to prototype. Schmartboard, and only Schmartboard, has solved this conundrum. Never before has it been so easy to hand solder surface mount components. Only Schmartboard has a patented technology that makes this possible. "Schmartboard|ez" makes it easy to solder SOIC, QFP, QFN and other component packages with pitches as small as .4mm.

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(Manufacturer # 202-0018-01 )
Schmartboard's also connect together. Schmartboard allows you to wire up multiple Schmartboards and then mechanically connect them via our "SchmartBridges". Schmartboard's "Electronic Circuit Building Block" patented technology makes it easier to create and trouble-shoot your circuit. Rather than trouble-shooting an issue on a large and complicated messy circuit, why not build and test smaller circuit blocks and then connect them together to form your larger final circuit. This saves time and money and is only available from Schmartboard.
  • The 202-0018-01 supports an 8 Pin DFN and a 48 Pin QFN with a .5mm Pitch.
  • The board also support 57 pieces of 0603 package and through hole components.
  • This product utilizes the "EZ" technology to assure fast, easy, and flawless hand soldering.
  • The GND (ground) busses (upper left/right corner and lower left/right corner) on the front of the board are electrically connected to each other and to a single ground plane on the back.
  • The back of the board is a copper GND plane. There is a ground plane pad for each IC pin designed to accommodate 0603 footprint for easy installation of a decoupling capacitor or other part.
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