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Zalman CNPS9500AT Intel CPU Cooler

Frys#: 4849900 Model: CNPS9500AT
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  • Compatible with Intel's Dual Core Pentium, Pentium4, and Celeron D for Socket 775.
  • Low-noise 92mm PWM Control fan for automatic control of the fan's RPM according to CPU temperature.
  • Optimized heatsink layout composed of pure copper for maximum heatsink efficiency.
  • Innovative, patented, and curved heatpipe design for a heat transfer capacity of up to six heatpipes with just three.
  • 0.2mm ultra-slim fins for minimized weight and reduced airflow resistance.
  • Maintains minimum RPM even when Duty signal supplied by M/B is below 30%.
  • Operates in silence by preventing extreme RPM during initial booting.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # CNPS9500AT )
Please Keep In Mind When Building A Noiseless Computer
Zalman affixes a Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) mark to all components used for noiseless computers.
Cautionary Notes
1. Maximum weight specified for a cooler is 450g for Intel Socket 775. Special care and attention must be taken when moving a computer equipped with a cooler exceeding the specified weight limit. Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. Is not responsible for any damage that occurs when moving a computer.
2. If excessive force is exerted on the fan, it may result in malfunction or damage to the product and/or the computer.
3. Avoid inserting any objects into the fan while operating.
4. Check the components list and condition of the product before installation. If any problem is found, contact the place of purchase to obtain a replacement/refund.
5. Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damages arising from using the product outside of its intended purpose.
6. CPU and motherboard are subject to damage if the product is incorrectly installed. Familiarize yourself with the “installation” steps before installing the product.
7. Liquid metal thermal grease unlike the normal thermal grease it contains electrical conductivity and causes aluminum cooler to rust therefore please avoid using it. Corrosion and short circuits caused by using aluminum cooler are users' responsibility, so please read this carefully before using. (EX: Liquid Pro, Liquid Ultra etcs)
Dimensions 85(L) X 112(W) X 125(H) mm
Weight 530g
Base Material Pure Copper
Dissipation Area 3,698cm2
Thermal Resistance 0.12°C/W ~ 0.16°C/W
Bearing Type 2 Ball-Bearing
Speed 1,300rpm ± 30% ~ 2,650rpm ± 10%
Noise Level 18.0dBA ± 10% ~ 27.5dBA ± 10%
Input Voltage 12V
Main Function PWM Control Function and Auto Restart Function
Compatibility CPU's & Motherboards (Intel)
1155/1156(Supports all speeds)
  • Core i7
  • Core i5
  • Core i3
1150/1151(Supports all speeds)
  • Core i7
  • Core i5
775(Supports all speeds)
  • Core 2 Extreme
  • Core 2 Quad
  • Core 2 Duo
  • Pentium D
  • Pentium 4
  • Celeron D
What's in the Box
  • Cooler (CNPS9500 AT)
  • Thermal Grease (ZM-STG2M)
  • Clip Support
  • Clip Support Fixing Bolts
  • Clip
  • Washers
  • Nuts
  • Clip Fixing Bolts
  • User’s Manual
Brand Zalman
Condition New
UPC 823884090512
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