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Flight Sim X Expansion

DC-10 Collection Expansion for Flight Simulator X & 2004 DVD - PC

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DC-10 Collection Expansion for Flight Simulator X & 2004 DVD for PC Gives you the highest quality of model design and textures, animations and flight model characteristics Featuring a massive 38 high-quality worldwide liveries spread over 15 model variations, the DC-10 is the latest release in our F-Lite range. Also included as a bonus in this package is the USAF KC-10A Extender and Royal Dutch Air Force KDC-10A air-to-air refueling tankers with animated fuel drogues and boom! One of the first wide body airliners, the DC-10 features three engines with the centre engine positioned in the vertical tail.

Detailed Description
  • Highly detailed 3D models. 3D Virtual Cockpit, fully flyable. Wing view option. Includes many animations such as flaps, spoilers, ailerons, elevators, rudder, engine fans and more!
  • KC10A Extender and KDC10 model featuring: Animated fuel boom and drogues. Dynamic wingflex. XML landing gear animation, wheels stay flat on the ground. Animated large cargo door for ¿CF and military models.
  • Six Custom flights and comprehensive tutorial based on real world operations. Customized effects.
  • DC-10 Operations Manual, with full flight example complete with weather charts, dispatch report, performance sheets, checklists, and pilot weight manifest sheets. Sound Features. High-fidelity DC-10 Soundset based on GE CF6 engines.
Windows XP, PD DVD-Rom, Flight Sim x
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