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Philmore 9V CT 500mA Transformer

Frys#: 6146209 Model: TR034
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Transformer voltage will vary with the circuit load; or: how much will bedrawn by the circuit following the power supply. The following trans-formers will produce the “rated” voltage when loaded near its ratedmaximum current. Example: a 12 Volt transformer with a 120 VAC inputwill have an output around twenty voltsA.C. when no load is attached.When a “test load” that draws close to the rated current is attached tothe secondary,the output will be very close to the rated voltage. For reference, in the chart (below) we show the voltage at the sec-ondary with no load and also with a resistive load that will draw themaximum rated current.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # TR034 )
Philmore transformers “catalog voltage” is gen-erally the target voltage that can be expected after rectification, allowingfor voltage drop through diodes.
Finally, it is common practice to use a power supply that can delivertwice the current that the circuit will require during its operational aver-age current usage. See the Notes section on next page. The chart below shows not only the “catalog” voltage rating, but opencircuit (no load) voltages and full load voltages for each transformer.The full, or “resistive load” is the value connected across the secondary,and the Output VAC w/load is the actual voltage from the test trans-former. Any transformer will heat up considerably if constantly run at thefull current rating. The “W” is the width of the frame and the “D” is the depth dimensionmeasured at widest part of the coil.
Rated(catalog)Voltage 9
RatedCurrentIn mA 500
SecondaryVAC withno load 11.75
Resistiveload inOhms 20
OutputVACw/load 9.98
Mountinghole centerto center 2.08”
Height(Inches 1.4
W/D(Inches) 1.7/1.5
Brand Philmore
Condition New
UPC 038975640341
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