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Frys#: 6726705 Model: 555-28027-RT
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What It Can Do

  • Detects motion of humans or animals from as far away as 30 feet
  • Silent operation for alarms, motion activated nightlights, holiday props
  • Automatically resets after period of inactivity

Passive infrared (PIR) sensors detect motion by comparing the amount of infrared radiation that reaches a pair of detectors. When the two detectors "see" different values, the sensor indicates it as movement of an object, such as a person or an animal. PIR sensors are often used in driveway security systems, which turn on a light (but only at night) when someone approaches the house.

The Parallax PIR Motion Sensor has a simple on/off output: when on, the sensor is detecting movement. When movement stops the output turns off (after a short delay). The output of the sensor can be directly connected to a microcontroller, and operates much like a switch. You can use the on/off condition to directly read the current status of the PIR sensor.

A selectable jumper on the sensor lets you set working distance:

  • L (for Long) position, the effective sensor distance is up to 30 feet. This increases the sensitivity of the sensor, which may also cause more false triggers.
  • S (for Short) position, the sensor distance is up to 15 feet.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # 555-28027-RT )

Parts List

  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • BASIC Stamp  HomeWork Board, Propeller QuickStart, or Arduino Uno microcontroller
  • 22 gauge solid conductor hookup wire
Condition New
UPC 644890280274
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