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Bawdy Blue Starter Kit

Electric Optics EL Wire Kit - Blue

Frys#: 7409635 Model: EOE506
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With our Ready Made EL Wire Kits, we take much of the technical know-how out of the equation. Now you can open up the package, add batteries, and prepare to be dazzled. This pre-configured 8ft kit is perfectly adjusted for the right amount of EL Wire, and works withOUT any special tools required.

All Electroluminescent wire needs power and inverter to make it glow. This all-in-one kit provides both! The battery pack + inverter combo takes 2 AA Batteries (not included) and comes with everything you need to be on your glowing way.

EL Wire is really simple, but makes a big impact. It is a thin copper wire that is wrapped in the element Phosphor. When a high frequency is applied, it lights up. Sounds simple, doesn't it? What's great about this technology is it's the world's only "heat" lighting technology, which makes it safe for many applications like costumes, indoor and outdoor accents, stage performances, safety lighting and much more.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # EOE506 )

Electric Optics has lead the charge in revamping EL technology as we know it today. The first and only company to take the inefficient, wasteful, and fragile PVC sleeve and replace it with the much more durable and green, polyethylene (PE) plastic. Electric Optics EL wire lasts longer than ever, outshines and outperforms the competition. In addition, we are proud to announce the greenest EL wire on the planet. Our PE coating is far more sun resistant, and is a recyclable product. PE also has the added benefit of being much more flexible and resistant to cracks. Electric Optics only imports the highest quality phosphorus from Germany, giving your wire a bright glow that cannot be matched. At the core, is a silver/copper mix instead of a cheaper metal blended core wire, to ensure the strongest, longest lasting glow possible. We are proud to offer the HIGHEST QUALITY EL WIRE available anywhere in the world.


This item requires (2) AA Batteries, Not Included.

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