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CyberPower 8 Outlet Surge Protector 2 USB Charging Port 2700 Joules (P806U)

Frys#: 8562689 Model: P806U
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Designed for use in home and office, this Surge Protector USB from CyberPower protects electronic devices from damage caused by power spikes and surges. It features eight surge-protected outlets (two widely spaced), two charge ports (2.1 Amps shared), and a six-foot power cord with a low profile plug. The Surge Protector USB, rated at 2700 joules, is ideal for use video and audio equipment, cable and satellite equipment, game consoles, computers, laptops, and smartphones.

Features of this include automatic shutdown, metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology, and an EMI/RFI noise filter. It also has LED indicators (Protected and Grounded), keyhole mounting slots, and impact-resistant casing.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # P806U )
Surge Protection
Diverts excess voltage away from sensitive electronic equipment during an AC power surge or power spike to prevent damage.

Automatic Shutdown
Protects connected electronics with the integrated circuit breaker which automatically switches off in the event of an overload that exceeds the model's ability to suppress the signal.

EMI/RFI Noise Filter
Maintains clean power for connected equipment by filtering out electromagnetic and radio frequency interference to improve picture and sound quality.

Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) Technology
Allows normal current to pass through the device, while diverting any surges/spikes through the ground circuit, to safeguard connected electronics and the surge suppressor.

USB Charge Ports
Rapidly charge and power USB devices such as tablets (including iPad), smartphones, MP3 players, and other mobile accessories.

Impact-Resistant Casing
Ensures maximum durability and prolongs the life of the model.
Why Do I Need A Surge Protector?
Utility power supplied to electrical outlets is sometimes inconsistent. The short-duration voltage surges or spikes that occasionally happen can damage components in electronic devices such as computers and workstations. In addition to equipment damage, irretrievable data loss may occur. In the U.S., the nominal or standard voltage supplied to household and office wiring is 120 volts. A voltage surge or spike can cause electronic components to overheat, either immediately destroying them or causing permanent damage that can lead to premature failure.

A surge protector or surge suppressor provides protection against power surges. This device is located in the power circuit between the utility power outlet and the connected electronic equipment. Surge protectors work by diverting excess voltage to the ground, allowing only the nominal voltage to travel through the wiring to connected devices. This is accomplished using a variable resistance component in the surge protector called a metal oxide varistor (MOV). Under normal voltage conditions, the resistance of the MOV is such that it remains closed. As utility voltage increases beyond nominal, the MOV resistance decreases accordingly which forces the unwanted overvoltage to ground, maintaining a constant flow of nominal voltage to sensitive electronic equipment.
Type Professional
Physical Dimensions – (WxHxD) (cm) 9.91 x 19.81 x 3.1 (cm)
Physical Dimensions – (WxHxD) (in) 3.9 x 7.8 x 1.22 (in)
Physical Dimensions – (WxHxD) (mm) 99 x 198 x 31 (mm)
Weight (kg) 0.58
Weight (lb) 1.28
Circuit Breaker 15 Amp
Cord Length (ft) 6′
Plug Style Right angle, 45 degree offset to the right
Plug Type NEMA 5-15P
Switch Non lighted on/off – reset
Outlet Type NEMA 5-15R
Outlets – Total 8
Outlets – Widely Spaced 2
USB Amperage 2.4A Shared
USB Charging Ports Yes – 2
Surge Protection & Filtering
Attenuation Up to 30dB
Clamping Voltage 600 V (L-N, L-G, N-G)
Coax Protection RG6 (Gold Plated) No
EMI/RFI Filtration 150KHz to 100MHz
Ethernet Protection RJ45 No
Maximum Surge Current 105,000 Amps
Maximum Surge Current H-G 30,000 Amps
Maximum Surge Current H-N 45,000 Amps
Maximum Surge Current N-G 30,000 Amps
Phone Protection RJ11 1-In, 2-Out
Response Time < 1 nanosecond
Surge Suppression 2,700 Joules
LED Protected (green), Grounded (green)
Color White
Cord Management No
Dimensions (WxHxD) (mm) 104.90 x 39.88 x 199.90
Dimensions – WxHxD (in) 4.13 x 1.57 x 7.87
Enclosure Construction ABS
Form Factor Strip
Keyhole Mounting Slots No
Safety Covers No
Weight (lbs) 1.32
Environmental RoHS Compliant, DOE VI
Safety UL1363, UL1449 3rd Edition, cUL
Joule Rating 2700  Joules
Cord Length Feet
Brand CyberPower
Condition New
UPC 649532618545
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