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LifeCHARGE Family Pack- 10,000mAh + 4000mAh LED Table Lamp Powerpack

Frys#: 8911523 Model: ONT-PWR-37557
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LifeCHARGE's family pack is equipped with Dual USB ports (10,000mAh) and single USB port (4,000mAh).

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # ONT-PWR-37557 )
Works Double Time to Always Keep You charged

LifeCHARGE's family pack is equipped with Dual USB ports (10,000mAh) and single USB port (4,000mAh). That means it can accomplish twice the mobile charging in half the time, giving you the peace of mind that none of your devices will ever be dead when you need them.
Ultra Illumination

Set on full power, the LED charging lamp from LifeCHARGE spreads a soft yet powerful beam of illumination in all directions. Its spotlight capabilities allow you visual access into every nook and cranny. Enables you to read even in complete darkness.
Smarter than Your Average Charger

The LED Charging Lamp's built-in system protection prevents overcharging, overheating, short circuiting and other potential operation risks. Enjoy reliable charging and full security that LifeCHARGE has got you covered.
Sometimes You Feel Like Bright Light; Sometimes You Don't

The LED Charging Lamp affords you full control over the brightness of its beam. Fully adjustable at three levels of illumination, the lamp emits natural lightat all levels that is never harsh on the eyes.
Super Capacity for Super Charging

The Lithium-Ion Battery that powers the LED Charging Lamp provides 10,000mAh as well as 4,000mAH of charging capacity. That's enough to completely charge two of the most popular digital devices with leftover power to spare. Fully supports 98+% of smartphones, tablets, game consoles and other digital products.
Light up your world and your dead technology with the Charging Lamp Power Pack.
Small but Mighty

The LED Charging Lamp from LifeCHARGE weighs just over a half pound and is smaller than a smartphone. That makes it a portable and lightweight solution to all your on-the-go charging needs. Just slip it in a pocket or bag and forget about it.
Charging Lamp 10000 mAh:
Battery: Lithium- Ion Battery
Capacity: 10,000 mAh
Input: 5v DC, 1.5 Amp
Output1: 5v DC, 1 Amp
Output2: 5v DC, 2.1 Amp
Full Charge Time: 6-8 hrs (depending upon capacity of the charger)
Charging Lamp 4000 mAh:
Battery: Lithium- Ion Battery
Capacity: 4,000 mAh
Input: 5v DC, 1 Amp
Output: 5v DC, 1 Amp
Volume: 23.5*49*92mm
Weight: 130g
Brand Life Charge
Condition New
UPC 700867537557
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