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Face/ Off [Blu-Ray]

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FACE / OFF - The ordeal of super heroic, singularly dedicated FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) is only beginning after finally capturing his arch nemesis, Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage), an elusive, maniacal terrorist who claimed the life of Archer's son. While Troy languishes in a coma, Archer surgically "borrows" Troy's face in an attempt to gather evidence about Troy's last bomb-which is currently ticking away in a Los Angeles office building. Trouble ensues when Troy wakes up faceless, borrows Archer's visage, and makes a mess of Archer's life; all the while, both men struggle to adapt to their new identities while struggling to blow each other away. Another balletic ally filmed, thematically complex action-smorgasbord from Hong Kong-vet John Woo. Academy Award Nomination: Best Sound Effects Editing.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # Prt59159923000Br )
Starring Nicolas Cage, John Travolta
Release Date 2/7/2017
Weight .13 lb
Rated R
Genre Action / Adventure
Run Time 140 minutes
Brand Paramount
Condition New
UPC 032429256775
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