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Rhino 110 or 220-Volts AC, 1000- Watt Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Frys#: 9572272 Model: AR-1000
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  • 1000W Single phase automatic voltage regulator.
  • Action/Transfer time is less than 0.5 second.
  • Waveform is sine wave with no distortion.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # AR-1000 )
Operating Instructions
1. Don't use " Rhino "in an over load condition or over current rating. If you use "Rhino" in these cases, it may be broken or burned out."Rhino"can supply full capacity in the range from + 10% to - 10% of input nominal voltage. And also new type model can supply full capacity in the range from + 10% to - 18% of input nominal voltage.

2. In case you use" Rhino "at very low input voltage, use it in only small capacity of load condition.

3. In case you use"Rhino" for 220V and 110V applications at the same time as multi voltages usage, use it at less than half load condition.And also if you use "Rhino" in 220V input voltage and 110V output voltage or 110V input and 220V output voltage as cross counter voltage usage. use it in the same condition of above No. 2.

4. Use the good or much enough connecting cables berween" Rhino "and load equipment to avoid voltage drop. And also use the good or much enough connecting cables between" Rhino and power source.
Standard Model
New Model

Check the power source voltage and the input voltage range of your Rhino.

Be careful with the connecting cable between the input of "Rhino" and the powersource, and between the output and the load equipment.

Connect the load equipment to the same output voltage of "Rhino"

Set the input voltage selector switch same as the source voltage.

Don't use your "Rhino" in an over load conditon.

Use good enough connecting cables.

If the fuse is blown out, check the load equiment and your "Rhino".

Replace a new fuse of same rating and never use another rating one or wire.

Set your "Rhino" in a dry and cool place where no water no petrol is.
Voltage 150-250V Or 50-130V
Freq 50/60Hz
Voltage 220V Or 110 V
Freq 50/60Hz
Power 1000VA
Current 4.5A
Rating 8Amp
Watts 1000  Watts
Brand Rhino
Condition New
UPC 854190005228
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