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 Rechargeable Camping Light
 Rechargeable Camping Light
 Rechargeable Camping Light
 Rechargeable Camping Light
 Rechargeable Camping Light
 Rechargeable Camping Light

iRocker Wilderness 1 Rechargeable Camping Light with 8,800mAh Built-In Power Bank

Frys#: 9762794 Model: Wilderness 1
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Perfect for today’s outdoorsman, this handy camping light sure beats those old propane lamps your parents used to use! Now, you can shed light in the tent and charge your electronic device – whether phone, tablet, or camera – from the same unit. The iRocker Rechargeable Camping Lantern features a built-in rechargeable battery in a durable unit that ensures you have the light and electricity you need.

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # Wilderness 1 )
  • AAA Lithium battery
  • 8800mAh output USB Mini Cable Supplied
  • Compact size with ABS+PC outer shell
Customizable Light
The iPX65 Wilderness 1 is designed for shedding light in the great outdoors. Once charged, the 4W LED unit it is capable of shining bright for hours and hours, and at several illumination levels! To be exact: 180 hours on low, 70 hours at mid, and 22 hours at full. It’s perfect for a weekend away in the woods, with just the amount of light you desire.
Charge It Up!
Equipped with an AAA lithium battery, the iPX65 Wilderness 1 features an output of 5V / 2.1A (maximum) with 8800mAh (milliamp hours). It is fully rechargeable, and only takes about 6-7 hours to charge! A USB Mini outlet is built in for charging phones, tablets, cameras, and more. To that end, a USB mini cable is supplied.
Sturdy & Lightweight Construction
You can’t beat this compact unit! It is crafted with a heavy-duty ABS+PC outer shell colored in hunter green with bright orange accented power output, power button, and hook. It is water-resistant, lightweight (just 10 ounces!), and comes with a carabiner-style hanging hook – perfect for carrying, and suspending from the ceiling of your tent! Alternatively, the hook can be folded down against the top when not in use.
Output: 5V /2.1A(Max)
LED Power: 4W
Charge Time: 6-7 Hrs
Illumination: 180 hours at low brightness
70 hours at mid brightness
22 hours at full brightness
Weight: 10 ounces
Condition New
UPC 601202780334
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