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Zalman CNPS2X CPU Cooler

Frys#: 9965296 Model: CNPS2X
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***** AM4 Socket CPU Not Supported *****

  • 120W Powerful Cooling
  • DTH Technology Applied
  • 'S' Bending Technology Applied
  • Optimized Fin Structure
  • 80mm PWM Fan
  • Light Compact Size
  • ZM-STG2M Provided
  • Wide Compatibility

Detailed Description
(Manufacturer # CNPS2X )
120W powerful cooling
Tiny 120W class cooler applied the DTH, S bending technology and the optimal heat dissipation design. Emit the air straight from the fan to the motherboard through down blowing design, it cools down not only the CPU but also the components around it.

A : Regular heatsink heat transfer
B : FHS(Flower Heat Sink) type heatsink transfers heat efficiently.
DTH technology applied
Direct Touch Heatpipe (DTH) Base technology transfers the CPU’s heat directly to heatpipes, thereby minimizing heat resistance and maximizing cooling performance.
'S' bending technology applied
Connect all the fins on one heatpipe using ’S’ bending technology to maximize the cooling effect.
Optimized fin structure
Fin design that is optimized for heat dissipation via a small, lightweight for most efficient cooling performance.
80mm PWM fan
Equipped with a low-noise 80mm PWM fan, user can control the RPM to achieve high performance / low noise depending on the CPU temperature.
Light compact size
High-performance, ultra-compact, light weighted. It can be mounted in all cases including mini-ITX case.
ZM-STG2M provided
The high performance super thermal grease ZM-STG2M maximizes heat transfer from the CPU to the base of CNPS2X for intensified cooling performance.
Wide compatibility
CNPS2X accommodates a broad range of sockets.
  • Intel LGA115X
  • AMD AM3+/AM3/FM2+/FM2/AM2+/AM2
Cautionary Notes
  • Do not ingest the Thermal Grease, and avoid its contact with skin and eyes. If contact is made with skin, wash off with water. If ingested or irritation persists, seek medical attention.
  • To prevent possible injuries, gloves must be worn while handling this product.
  • Excessive force exerted on the fan may cause damage to the fan and/or system.
  • Use and keep product away from reach of children and pets.
  • Check the components list and condition of the product before installation. If any problem is found, contact the retailer to obtain a replacement.
  • Zalman is not responsible for any damages caused by overclocking.
  • During transportation of the system, the cooler must be removed.
  • Zalman is not responsible for any damages that occur during the transport of a system.
  • Product design and specifi cations may be revised to improve quality and performance.
  • Liquid metal thermal grease unlike the normal thermal grease it contains electrical conductivity and causes aluminum cooler to rust therefore please avoid using it. Corrosion and short circuits caused by using aluminum cooler are users' responsibility, so please read this carefully before using. (EX: Liquid Pro, Liquid Ultra etcs)
FHS & Fan
Dimensions 84(L) x 84(W) x 27(H)mm
Weight 83g
Materials Pure Copper & Aluminum
Dimensions 80mm
Bearing Type Long Life Bearing
Adjust Fan Speed PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
Fan Speed 1,500 ~ 2,600 rpm ± 10%
Noise Level 17.4 ~ 22.7 dBA ± 10%
Rate Voltage 12V
Thermal Grease (ZM-STG2M)
Color Gray
Capacity 1g
Temperature Stability -40°C ~ +150°C (-40℉ ~ +302℉)
Compatibility Sockets (Intel)
1156 (Supports all speeds)
  • Core i7
  • Core i5
  • Core I3
1155 (Supports all speeds)
  • Core i7
  • Core i5
  • Core i3
1151 (Supports all speeds)
  • Xeon E3
  • Core i7
  • Core i5
  • Core i3
1150 (Supports all speeds)
  • Xeon E3
  • Core i7
  • Core i5
  • Core i3
Compatibility Sockets (AMD)
***** AM4 Socket CPU Not Supported *****

AM3+ (Supports all speeds)
  • FX
AM3 (Supports all speeds)
  • PhenomⅡ X6
  • PhenomⅡ X4
  • PhenomⅡ X3
  • Sempron
  • AthlonⅡ X3
  • AthlonⅡ X2
FM2+ (Supports all speeds)
  • A10
  • A8
  • A6
  • Athlon X4
FM2 (Supports all speeds)
  • A10
  • A8
  • A6
  • A4
AM2+ (Supports all speeds)
  • Phenom X3
AM2 (Supports all speeds)
  • Athlon64 X2
What's in the Box
  • Backplate
  • Thermal Grease
  • Sticker
  • Clip Bolts
  • Installation Bolts
  • Side Caps
  • Nuts
  • AMD Clip
  • Intel Clip
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Loading Block
  • Manual
Size 80  mm
Air Flow 0-29  CFM
Sound Level 0-29  dBA
Brand Zalman
Condition New
UPC 823884205206
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