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Rebate Forms

To see a printable version of your rebate forms, fill in the details in either of the boxes below.


Step 1: Enter
Rebate Number  or   Product/UPC #
Purchase Date
Step 2: Click 'Go!' to see the rebate form info and link.


About your manufacturer's rebate . . .

When submitting a manufacturer's rebate, Fry's recommends that you follow these steps:

STEP ONE ... In order to assist you with any rebate inquiry, keep PHOTOCOPIES of the following items for follow-up purposes: (1) Original purchase receipt (2) Fully-completed rebate form (3) UPC from the product.

STEP TWO ... Carefully read and follow the instructions on the rebate form.

STEP THREE ... If you do not receive your rebate within the stated time on the rebate form, please contact the manufacturer for assistance at the phone number listed on the rebate form. The time period for rebate payments begins with the postmarked date.

STEP FOUR ... Your satisfaction is important to us, please contact our customer service department if you experience any difficulties obtaining assistance from the manufacturer.

Our goal is fast, friendly, courteous service ...