Twilight Zone: Collection 4 [9 Discs]

The Twilight Zone: Little Girl Lost

    Though it is often assumed that Twilight Zone was rife with special-effects trickery, in point of fact the series used such effects sparingly -- though always effectively, as with this classic episode. Awakened by the cries of their daughter Bettina, Chris and Ruth Miller (Robert Sampson and Sarah Marshall) enter the girl's bedroom, only to find that she has apparently disappeared. Still, they can hear her Bettina's cries for help, and in desperation, they call in their physicist friend Bill (Charles Aidman) for advice. Assessing the evidence at hand, Bill comes to the unsettling conclusion that Bettina has somehow fallen through an invisible hole into the Fourth Dimension -- and as time runs out, it is Bill who puts his own life on the line to rescue the girl. So vital to the proceedings was the musical score by Bernard Herrmann that, for the first and only time in Twilight Zone history, Herrmann was billed above the name of the director. Scripted by Richard Matheson from his own short story, "Little Girl Lost" was first telecast on March 16, 1962. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide


    Charles Aidman, Robert Sampson, Sarah Marshall, Tracy Stratford, Rhoda Williams


    Paul Stewart


    Buck Houghton