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Using Your Shopping Cart
As you shop, you can carry items by adding them to your virtual shopping cart. This does not obligate you to buy them; it just keeps track of all the items you have selected.

You can review the items in your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the "view your cart & checkout" button in the upper right corner of most pages on our site. If you decide to buy more than one of any item, simply change the number in the shopping cart's quantity box and we will automatically recalculate your subtotal.

If, after reviewing the contents of your shopping cart, you are ready to purchase the items, select "Ready to checkout?" to begin the simple, 3-Step Checkout process.
Adding an Item to Your Cart
As you shop, you can add an item to your shopping cart by clicking on the "Click to Buy!" or "add to cart" buttons found on Product Information pages and on other areas of the site.
Removing an Item from Your Cart
If you want to remove an item from your shopping cart, simply click on the "Remove Item" button next to the item you want to eliminate. Cool huh?

(And yes, if you prefer doing things the hard way, it will also work if you change the quantity to 0, at which point we will automatically recalculate your subtotal. However, this is not nearly as cool.)

Proceed to Checkout
When you have finished shopping and are satisfied with the items in your shopping cart, you can purchase them using our quick 3-Step Checkout by clicking on the "Ready to checkout?" button.