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How do I use myFry's PromoCodes?
How to Sign Up For Fry's PromoCodes?
Signup for PromoCodes at

Watch a How-to Video here:
What is unique about Fry's PromoCodes?
Fry's PromoCodes are generated unique to you. Each code can be applied once per item for any or all of the items in the email containing that PromoCode, within designated quantity limits. If you subscribe to receive PromoCode emails 7 days per week, you will get a new PromoCode each day. As PromoCodes are unique, do not give out your PromoCode unless you intend not to use it.
What is the difference between a Weekly PromoCode, a Daily PromoCode, and a Secret Loyalty Promotion?
Weekly PromoCodes are sent each Sunday by email and are good through the following Saturday for the items that are presented in the Sunday email.

Daily PromoCodes are sent Monday through Saturday and are only good for one day for the items that are presented in each of the six emails.

Secret Loyalty Promotions are created each week for our loyal subscription customers that shop in our stores. These promotions provide significant in-store savings on many of the very best items we sell. We do not advertise these Secret Loyalty Promotions, you simply ask a Fry's Sales Associates, in-store, for the current Secret Loyalty Promotion offers. Your current Sunday PromoCode will activate all Secret Loyalty Promotions Sunday through Saturday, in-store only.
Accessing Your Unique PromoCode
In your personal PromoCode deals email, there will be a collection of bargains. Near the top of the email, one PromoCode will be provided. You may apply this code once per item for any or all of the items in the email containing that PromoCode, within designated quantity limits. This code is unique to you, so be sure to bring it with you when you come to the store or shop online at

Click Here to see an example of where to find your PromoCode.
Applying Your PromoCode to an In-Store Purchase
To use your personal PromoCode in-store, simply present it to a sales associate or to the cashier at the time of purchase.
What if I am placing my order for In-Store Pickup?
You'll be able to apply your PromoCode either when you place the order online, or in-store when you pick up your order.

If you use our online in-store pickup function, and we confirm that we reserved that item, you simply go to the checkout of the store you selected and pay for your merchandise. You must go to the store to pick up your item before store closing on the day the PromoCode offer period expires.

For more information on in-store pickup orders, click here.
Why do I have to have to pick up my PromoCodes items at the store before the promotion ends?
Fry's negotiates savings from its suppliers for these promotions with a set start date and a set ending date. Fry's passes these savings to you, our customer. Since we do not charge your credit card until you come into the store, we cannot offer the promotion past the end date.
How can I access Fry's PromoCode savings?
Register to receive exclusive email specials and personal PromoCode deals at After signing up, an instant PromoCode will be waiting in your inbox. This code can be activated at your local Fry's for an in-store purchase, or by contacting Customer Service at (877)-688-7678 if you'd like to use it online. All future PromoCodes will already be activated, so you only need to do this for your first code. Be sure to add and to your email address book to ensure delivery.
Signed up but Haven't Received Your Personal PromoCode Deals Yet?
Be sure to add to your email address book and check all email folders, including your Spam and Promotions (if applicable) folders.
Page Last Updated: November 11, 2015