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space_img Search Tips

Type a few descriptive words and hit "enter" or click on the Go button to start a search.'s search engine returns products that contain ALL of the terms you type. Adding more words will return fewer products.
Searching on Sony returns all Sony products
Searching on Sony TV returns the shorter list of Sony TV products
Since's search only returns results that include all of your search terms, there is no need to include "and" between terms. To restrict a search further, just include more terms.
Searching on dvd player returns the SAME results as
Searching on dvd AND player
Capitalization searches are NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case. (The only exception is when using Search Operators. See below.)
Searching on computer returns the same results as
Searching on COMputER
Algorithmic Stemming searches use a Stemming Algorithm-a process for removing the commoner endings from words in English-to help find variations of the word you enter. These variations may be the sigular/plural versions of words or similar words with different suffixes.
Searching on education returns the same results as
Searching on educational or educate
Common Words Ignored's search ignores common words and characters* such as "are", "for" and "the", as well as certain single digits and single letters, because they tend to slow down your search without improving the results.
Searching on software for Palm returns the same results as
Searching on software Palm
If a common word is essential to getting the results you want, you can include it by putting quotation marks around two or more words. Common words in a phrase search are included in the search. (see below for more about Phrases)
Searching on "software for Palm" returns items that include this entire phrase as typed
Place a phrase in quotes if all the words need to appear together as a phrase, and not scattered about the page.
Searching on james bond returns items contain both james and bond in any order or with other words between the two you typed.
Searching on "james bond" returns items with james followed by bond in that order and without any other words between
Search Operators (Boolean Operators)
You can increase the accuracy of your searches by adding operators that fine-tune your keywords. Note: all three operators below must be entered as all capital letters or will be treated as regular search words.

By inserting "AND" between words, you can require a specific combination of words be present in all search results. Since's search only returns results that include all of your search terms, there is no need to include "AND" between terms.

You can exclude certain words from your search by adding "NOT".

Searching on dvd will return all items containing the term dvd
Searching on dvd NOT players will return all items containing the term dvd that do not contain the word player

By inserting "OR" you can widen your search to include products that include either or both words entered.

Searching on dvd player will return items that contain Both words only
Searching on dvd OR player will return items that contain Either word
Spell Checker
When you enter a word that the search engine cannot find a match for, an alternate word will be suggested. Clicking on it will re-submit your search using that word.
Searching on monitr returns no products. Below the search field you will see the question:
"Did you mean monitor?"

*Here is the whole list of ignored words: a, are, as, at, be, but, by, for, if, in, into, is, it, no, of, on, s, such, t, that, the, their, then, there, these, they, this, to, was, will, with