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Fry's ISP Quick Setup Guide: Windows 98

How do I setup Windows '98 to use the Fry's ISP?

  1. Close all other open windows on your computer, and then double-click on the "My Computer" icon in the upper-left-hand corner of your Desktop.
  2. Double-click on the "Dial-up Networking" icon located in the "My Computer" window. If you do not see the Dial-up Networking icon, you may have to click on the "Details" menu item under the "View" menu. A window labeled "Dial-Up Networking" will pop up. If you do not have an icon labeled "Dial-Up Networking" in your "My Computer" window, consult your Microsoft Windows(tm) documentation to install the Dial-Up Networking component. If you need further assistance, you can contact the ISP Technical SupportStaff at (408) 487 4622.
  3. Somewhere in this window will be an icon labeled "Add New Connection". If there is no icon in this window then, you need to click on the "View" menu and then go to the entry labeled "Details" ([View]->[Details]) to see "Add New Connection"
  4. Double-click on the icon labeled "Add New Connection". A window labeled "Make New Connection" will pop up. It asks for the name of the connection along with the correct modem to use for the connection. Type in "Fry's ISP" for the connection name and select the proper modem to dial-in with. Then click [Next]
  5. Find your local Fry's dial-up number (POP). Type in your area code ("408", for example) in the text box labeled "Area code"
  6. Type in the phone number for the local dial-up number you selected ("441-1555", for example) in the text box labeled "Telephone number"
  7. Select "United States of America (1)" as the Country code. Then Click [Next]. Finally click [Finish] to complete the Dial-up Networking setup.
  8. The "Make New Connection" window should disappear, and you should be back to the window labeled "Dial-Up Networking"
  9. Double-click on the icon labeled "Fry's ISP" (that was created in step #4) and a window labeled "Connect To" will pop up.
  10. In this new window, enter your in the box labeled "User name", and your password in the box labeled "Password". If you do not have a username or password or have forgotten it, please contact the ISP Technical Support Staff at (408) 487 4622. IMPORTANT: ISP Technical Support Staff will NEVER ask you for your password.
  11. The phone number should look like "4411555" or "+1 408 4411555". Spaces or dashes in the phone number will not affect the number dialed.
  12. Click the left mouse button on the white square checkbox labeled "Save password". A black check mark should appear in the checkbox. Then Click "Connect"
  13. You may hear your computer make strange noises as it connects; these are normal.
  14. After the computer finishes connecting to "Fry's ISP", you need to open up a web browser to surf the internet. The default browser should be located on the desktop (a blue "e" icon towards the bottom left side of your screen).
  15. It may be necessary to enter a web address, such as "" into the white address bar at the top of the web browser window to load a web page into your browser.
  16. If the web page you entered loads up in the browser, then you're on the Net! If you experiencing difficulties or have any problems regarding setting up your Fry's ISP Internet connection, please feel free to call the ISP Technical Support Staff at (408) 487 4622

Can't Save Password in Dial-up Networking
The information in this document applies to Windows 95/98 Dial-up Networking.

The Problem: In Windows 95/98 Dial-Up Networking, the checkbox for "Save Password" is greyed-out.

Solution: In order resolve this issue of saving your password so that you won't have to retype it every time that you dial-up,trouble-shoot with the following steps:

    Verify Correct Windows Logon Usage
  • Make sure that you are not escaping out of the Windows logon when the computer is booting up.
    Install Client for Microsoft Networks
  1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel and open the Network icon.
  2. Verify that "Client for Microsoft Networks" is listed. If it is, skip to the next step.
  3. To add "Client for Microsoft Networks," click Add then select Client.
  4. Click Add once again.
  5. Select Microsoft from the "Manufacturers" list, and then Client for Microsoft Networks. Then click OK.
  6. Click on the Identification tab and enter a name for your computer. If you do not want to enter a password every time that the computer boots up, do not enter a password here.
  7. Click OK and do NOT restart the computer.
    Removing Corrupted Passwords
  1. Click Start -> Find -> Files or Folders.
  2. In the Find Window, enter *.pwl in the "Named" field, and C:\Windows in the "Look in" field.
  3. Click the Find Now button to search for the password files stored in the main Windows directory.
  4. Delete the PWL files that are found.
  5. Restart the computer.
    Complete the Password Setup
  1. Upon bootup, be sure that there is a name in the username field.
  2. Do not enter a password; press Enter to continue booting up.
  3. Go to the Dial-Up connectoid, enter your password.
  4. You should now be able to check the "Save Password" check-box.