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Getting Started with Windows ME
  1. Click on the Start button and then click Settings and then Control Panel.
  2. Double click the "Dial Up Networking" folder.
  3. Double click the "Make New Connection" icon.
  4. Type "Fry's ISP" where is says "Type a name for the computer you are dialing"
  5. Click the "Next" button at the bottom of that window.
  6. In the blank where it now asks for number to dial, type in one of the Dial-up numbers from the above listing in the city that is local for you to dial. Make certain this is a local call for you to avoid phone charge. (If you have call waiting and want to disable it while online, type *70,,number)
  7. Click the "Next" button at the bottom of that window.
  8. Click the "Finish" Button.
  9. "Right" click (click only one time with the right mouse button) on the new "Frys" icon you just created and then "Left" click on "Properties", find the line that says something similar to "Area Code and Dialing Properties," there should not be a check mark beside it, if there is, simply click on it to remove it.
  10. Click "Ok" to close the "Frys Properties" window.
  11. Click "File", then "Close" to close the "Dialup Networking Folder."
  12. Click on "Start", then go to "Settings" and select "Control Panel". Double click the "Network" icon.
  13. Your computer must have the following Network Components Installed: Dial Up Adapter and TCP/IP, If any are missing, please Call us before continuing.
  14. If all of those are listed click "Ok" to close the "Network Properties" box.
  15. In "Control Panel", double click the "Internet Options" icon.
  16. On the "General" tab, type in place of any existing addresses that may currently be there in the Home Page section:
  17. Click on the "Connection" tab at the top.
  18. Select "Always dial my default connection ", also make sure that Frys is in the white box above that and has "Default" beside it.
  19. Click "Ok" to close the "Internet Properties" window.
  20. Click "File" and then click "Close" to close the Control Panel.
  21. "Shutdown" and/or "Restart" your computer.
  22. When your computer restarts, double click your Internet Explorer icon, in the "Connect to Frys" window that pops up enter the and password (in all small letters with no spaces) that you provided when you signed up with us and then click "Connect" and enjoy.