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Fry's ISP Quick Start Guide: Outlook Express 5 For Windows

    Important Parameters
  • Dial-up networking connection type: PPP
  • PPP authentication method: PAP
  • DNS server addresses: Click Here. If your operating system supports it, the DNS server addresses will be automatically configured during the PPP IPCP negotiation process.
  • POP3 or incoming email server:, using POP3 port 995 and enable SSL.
  • SMTP or outgoing email server: (non-promiscious relay) using SMTP port 25.
  • NNTP or news server: Try
    Setting up Microsoft Outlook Express 5 to use my email
  1. Open up Microsoft Outlook Express version 5.
  2. Click on the Tools menu.
  3. Click the Accounts menu item.
  4. Click [Add]. A pop-up menu will open.
  5. Click on the Mail menu item.
  6. A dialog will appear. Enter your full name in the text box labeled Display name:. This will be used as the sender's name in all email that you send. If you do not want your real name to be sent in your email for privacy reasons, enter a handle or screen name as desired.
  7. Click on the option labeled I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use.
  8. Enter, where username is the e-mail name that you chose when you signed up for the Fry's ISP service. If you cannot remember your Fry's ISP e-mail name, please call ISP technical support at (408) 487 4622 for assistance.
  9. Click [next].
  10. In the next window, select POP3 as the type of mail server.
  11. In the text boxes labeled incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP), enter
  12. Enter your Fry's ISP email address in the text box labeled Account Name. Your Fry's ISP email address is Your username is usually your first name, a period, and then your last name. For example, if your first name is John and your last name is Smith, then your username is probably john.smith and your email address would be
  13. Enter your password in the text box labeled Password:. If you cannot remember your Fry's ISP password, please contact ISP technical support at (408) 487 4622 for assistance.
  14. Select the check box labeled Forward all outbound mail to the following mail server, and enter in the text box next to it.
  15. Click [OK].